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Chapter 1
Self-esteem, parenting, volunteering, compliments
The Most Beautiful Green Eyes
by Michelle Cox

Discussion Questions:

What childhood moment of encouragement most sticks in your
mind? Why?

On the flipside, do you remember a time when someone hurt
your feelings – an incident that still clings to your memory and
makes you sad?

Was there ever resolution in that situation? Do you still harbor
bitterness and pain?

What are you doing to make sure that the children in your life
hear simple little words that make them sense their inherent
value? When was the last time you complimented a child or
grandchild? How did they respond?

How do you volunteer your time to help others? Look for ways
you can put your gift of encouragement into practice.

Let’s Get Practical:

Come up with a list of 10 things you LOVE about your kids. Put
those thoughts into words and let your children know how
precious they are to you. Keep adding to the list.

Chapter 2
Hope, teacher, school
One Word Made All the Difference
by Dr. Dennis Hensley

Discussion Questions:

Do you ever assume someone has it “all together” simply based
on their outward appearance? How often has that perception
been proven wrong?

What do you do to celebrate scholarly milestones in your family?
Come up with some ways to say “Great Job!” Consider sharing
a meal out or giving the young student a gift certificate to pick
out any book in the store.

What opportunities do you have to put your encouragement into
the form of a note for you spouse, children, or friends?

Can you remember trying to perform to gain your parent’s
approval? What was the typical result?

For whom are you “a person to look up to?” What are some
simple ways you can mentor the children in your life?

Dream big dreams for your children. What are some ways you’d
like to see them ministering to a hurting world?

Let's Get Practical:

What can you do to increase your child’s interest in a subject
they claim to hate? Figure out if it’s because they’re not
understanding the topic and get them (or give them) the tutorial
assistance they need to be a success.

Chapter 3
Guidance, writer, teacher, discouragement
Divine Direction
by Karen Kingsbury

Discussion Questions:

When you reflect on your life to this point, name at least one
thing that you could NEVER have done unless God had given
you the strength?

What task do you dread the most? Why? What would make you
feel “more comfortable” about tackling the tough stuff?

When a page on your life ends how do you know that a new
chapter has begun?

Who has been the most influential in guiding your career? How
have you thanked that person?

What’s your typical response when you feel like giving up? Who
do you turn to for encouragement?

Let’s Get Practical:

Come up with a list of 10 strong things that God has been telling
you. Jot down those simple little words and decide how and
when you’re going to start showing Him that you’re listening.

Chapter 4
Dreams, Walt Disney, embarrassment
“And So You Shall”
by Michelle Cox

Discussion Questions:

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Who still teases you
about it? Do you still get down on yourself about “how dumb”
you came across?

What are some things you loved doing as a child that you’ve
stopped enjoying? Any chance you could give them another try
with your own children or grandchildren? Consider what you
could teach the next generation.

Is there a positive role model you admire? Determine what it is
that appeals to you about that person and make a point of seeing
ways in which you’re similar.

Who do you trust enough to share your dreams with? Make a
time to talk to that encourager and tell them what hopes you
have for the future.

What’s your favorite place to visit with your family? Make plans
to go there together soon.

Let’s Get Practical:

Be honest. List 10 things about yourself that make you – YOU!
How are you different from everyone else and why do those
unique traits make you special to God?

Chapter 5
Step-parenting, single parents,
“I Promise to Love You”
by John Perrodin
with sidebar … Remember Who You Are by Tatyana Buksh

Discussion Questions:

What is your favorite wedding memory?

How does someone who’s been hurt learn to trust again? What
advice would you give Sarah?

Have you ever felt unwanted or unloved? Where can a child gain
a sense of hope after feeling such rejection?

How long does it take for God to answer prayer? Why are we so
often tempted to “give up” on Him?

What are you doing to assure that love will last in your own
home and family?

Why is it so easy to forget who we are in God’s eyes? How can
we remind ourselves how precious we are to our Creator?

Let’s Get Practical:

What are some simple ways you can reach out to a single
parent? Does your church have a change-the-oil or mow-the-
yard outreach you could take part in? Consider how you could
include that single mom or dad and family in your own. Reach
out in love.

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